Why Hire Live Musicians

When planning your event, there’s a must have vendors list, and a maybe vendors list. Live musicians fall into the maybe vendors list more often than not, but having a small budget allocated to this vendor category can take your event to the next level!

Where you can incorporate live music:

  1. Garba/Mehndi/Sangeet: Having a live musician for your sangeet, whether it be a live singer/artist, band, or dhol player, can elevate your entire experience! Sangeet nights are known to be for a night of dance and music. So it’s a no-brainer that you can find artists to take your dance floor from hype to LIT!

  2. Live Garba bands can help make your first night of the dance floor unique and a different vibe from your reception dance floor. Getting the ethnic experience with a full band and traditional songs really helps make the event feel like a true Garba. And the musicians can read the room easily to increase / decrease the music speed as needed.

  3. Dhol players can make the bhangra beats and bollywood songs sound more hype. It acts as a natural bass lifter and can get the crowd dancing to ANY song with more flare.

  4. Ceremony: having a live dhol player for your baraat, or getting a traditional sound like nadhaswaram or shehnai during the ceremony itself can really bring out the ethnic essence of the ceremony.

  5. Dhol during the baraat is always a great idea. A dhol player alone can carry your crowd and have them dancing from the start to the end.

  6. Nadhaswaram/Shehnai is more of a traditional sound that you can incorporate into your ceremony. Having traditional songs can help create a calming and authentic ambiance for the wedding ceremony and can become a truly cultural and religious experience for your guests.

  7. Tabla/Sitar is also a great combo to have during the ceremony that brings an ethnic sound and keeps the beat alive. It’s great for fusion ceremonies too, because it’s not specifically religious or cultural, but the sounds are still Indian.

  8. Harpists are also a great pick for a ceremony, they can keep the light and beautiful feel of the ceremony alive, and are also a great pick for a civil ceremony or fusion ceremony.

  1. Cocktail Hour: When you have a live musician for cocktail hour, you can really decide what the vibe of the evening will be like. If you decide to go modern, you can get someone to add to a hip hop beat/vibe. If you want to be more elevated, you can go more of a jazz route. If you want to be ethnic/fusion- you can consider doing tabla/sitar or a quartet that plays a mixture of bollywood fusion.

  2. Solo violinists can play to a soundtrack and have fusion elements with music, and also be interactive with guests.

  3. Jazz trios keep the vibe elevated, but adds an element of grandeur. Consider even just a saxophone player as an option if you don’t want a trio.

  4. Pianists can set the tone for a very luxurious event, and the sound carries through large spaces very well. You can even add a singer to the mix if you’d like!

  5. Tabla or Tabla and sitar duos can help create an ethnic vibe, while adding a modern flare by incorporating sound tracks that are hip hop or fusion.

  6. Reception: Having music during dinner, or as guests enter, or even as the dance floor opens. You can create a concert vibe as well if you hire an artist that can sing a set for the first part of the dance floor.

  7. Acapella groups are a great option during dinner for guests to enjoy an entertaining sound and keep the guests engaged

  8. A musician as guests enter into the room is a great way to capture the audience and get that WOW factor. Walking in to a live musician gets people really excited for what the night has to come.

  9. An artist is an exceptional way to get the dance floor lit! People are always excited to see a celebrity performer who can engage the crowd and get people dancing to their favorite songs. The sets usually last anywhere from 60-90 minutes and it’s an awesome way to start the dance floor and keep people engaged so they don’t just leave after dinner!

As you consider starting to build your budget and vendors list, keep in mind how you might be able to incorporate some live entertainment into the mix. Your budget might increase anywhere from $500 - a few thousand dollars, but it’s definitely a game changer worth some extra thought.

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