Why Hire Bar and Staffing Vendors

Throwing a great party requires a lot of planning and presumably an army to execute; however, you can have a seamless event if you put time into choosing the right people to help make the magic happen...bar and staffing vendors

It’s easy to forget the people on the ground who truly execute your planning to perfection. You could have the best planning team and vendor team in the world, but if you don’t have the staff executing their vision exactly as planned, things can quickly go off track.

Staffing from a hotel venue is usually included in your service and gratuity charges for the venue, which allows them to ensure they have the right amount of staff for each event you are hosting. However, if you’re hosting an event without staffing included, it’s imperative to hire a staff and bartending agency that can provide the quality services you need.

Here are our top 5 reasons as to why should you hire an expert bar and staffing vendor for your event:

  1. Timeline and inventory. Assistance with establishing your timeline and understanding what quantities of items to purchase or rent is key. Things like liquor quantity, mixers and garnishes, ice, coolers, bussing trays, trash cans, etc. are factors you don’t necessarily think about but the experts do!

  2. Setup and clean up. Helping to flip the space, set up chairs/tables/bars/buffets, assist the caterer, refill food, clean tables/space, and ensure the space is left looking the same way as when you started is important.

  3. Elevated experience. Having a bartender instead of a self-service bar elevates your event immensely. It allows for cocktails and conversation starters, and lets guests focus on mingling and enjoying themselves. Staffing also creates an experience for guests where they feel taken care of by the host.

  4. Navigating last-minute changes. Certified servers/professional service staff help fix problems and take control of potential last-minute, tough situations. Rain plan? Extra guests show up? Drinks or ice run out? Your staff knows how to help fix each situation immediately while keeping you worry free!

  5. Zero stress on your family and friends. Having your friends and family not have to worry about the execution of the event is the best feeling! Everyone always says the best weddings are the ones where their family and friends can enjoy without stressing. The best way to do that is to hire the best help you can.

Although it seems like a less important vendor to consider in the grand scheme of planning, this vendor category can truly make or break your event. Make it a priority to budget in advance to have their services for your big day! Also, check out the Dildiya Cheat Sheet for more advice and tips on hiring a bar and staffing vendor along with 15 other vendor categories (all for a low price of $99)!

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