Why hire a planner?

The process of hiring a wedding planner for a South Asian wedding has evolved tremendously over the last decade. Wedding planners have been around for a long time (J-Lo may have had to do something with putting them on the map) and the overall industry has grown over time; however, the need for South Asian wedding planners has grown exponentially.

Weddings are a big undertaking! Couples are tasked with dealing with family dynamics (extended and immediate), working through finances and budget, finding and booking vendors, understanding cultural and religious needs, putting together a manageable guest list, and everything in between. Having assistance from a professional who understands all of the nuances of culture and family as well as external logistics with vendors and pricing can be extremely helpful. There are many reasons hiring a planner is a great idea, and we have listed our top reasons below:

  1. Expert Advice | As mentioned above, planning a wedding is no simple task! Having assistance from a professional who understands the internal workings of venue research, vendor booking, budgeting, timelines and tips and tricks on execution makes your event run seamlessly and the planning process easier to work through.

  2. Discounts | Working with a wedding planner can be financially beneficial as well. Many planners form great relationships with vendors, and this can translate to discounted rates for clients because they know they will have less logistical work to do for the event! They are also able to assist with negotiation tactics for signing venue and vendor contracts as this is generally not common knowledge. Separately, planners also understand industry standard pricing, which can help a lot right off the bat in understanding your investment and assessing your budget.

  3. Family Mediator | Having families come together as one is such an exciting, nerve-wracking part of the wedding process. There are many opinions that have to be considered and it can be awkward to have conversations about finances and meeting everyone’s desires. Having a planner is helpful to mediate conversations and help make things more streamlined in communication! It also helps knowing there’s someone there to fight for what you want as a couple, with so many differing opinions in the mix.

  4. Cultural Awareness | When it comes to fusion weddings (inter-cultural or inter-faith), working with families can be very stressful and tricky. With a planner in the mix, it can make the cultural planning portion much easier to navigate, when considering fusing traditions or events.

  1. Execution and Coordination | After dreaming (and stressing) about all the details of your big day, and putting so much effort and time into the planning, you will want to sit back and enjoy the weekend to the fullest with your family and friends. The best way to do that is to have a coordinator for the weekend who understands your logistics, your vision, and your overall needs in order to ensure your event plays out exactly the way you want. Hiring a coordinator is a fraction of the cost of your event, but helps ensure that you and your guests can truly enjoy the weekend!

Before you hire a planner, check out all the things you should know and ask before and after hiring all of your key vendor categories! Check out Dildiya’s Cheat Sheet for this all encompassing resource and visit the Vendor Collection for hundreds of vendor options across North America!

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