Why Hire a Marital Counselor?

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Weddings are tough as it is without the juggling of in-law expectations, finances, decor, jobs, and making everybody happy. Being in a transitional phase with your partner into becoming fiancés is a fun and exciting time with lots of changes, but it can be even tougher if you are coming from a South Asian background preparing for a marriage in the US. You may have grown up in the US where premarital counseling is the norm -- but this is not commonplace in South Asian culture as it always seems to be a taboo subject.

Clear communication is imperative prior to marriage in any relationship, but being South Asian, it’s even more so the case. There are so many outside factors that can manipulate the situation (financially, culturally, religiously, etc.), especially during wedding planning! During the planning process, South Asian families don’t always make it easy, as there are many nuances to each individual family’s traditions and beliefs. This can cause a rift between partners when it comes to being able to advocate for family, but also advocate for your partner. Marital counseling can be very effective for South Asian couples due to the fact that most couples have been together and never had to converse about topics that involve their parents, culture, or religion, so heavily. Premarital counseling is more vital now in South Asian cultures than it has ever been.

Our top 3 reasons to reach out to a premarital counselor before getting married are below:

  1. Setting Expectations | Counseling helps you and your partner set expectations on communication with each other and with families involved and allows for open communication during a difficult process of wedding planning

  2. Dedicated Time | Counseling also allows for dedicated time to talk about your relationship during a time that seems completely enveloped by logistics and planning (both processes that the families are constantly involved in).

  3. Strong Foundation | It gives you a strong base for your relationship as you transition into a healthy marriage. Many couples avoid important topics throughout the wedding planning process and this makes the first few years of marriage extremely difficult.

Let’s work to break the stigma around premarital counseling. There are amazing resources for South Asian communities to find quality counseling service access. We’ve outlined a few below for you to reach out and learn more

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