What to Expect for Your Wedding (COVID-19 Edition)

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

There have been a lot of changes in the event world with cities (re)opening and closing (again). With events starting to come back into existence and rescheduling/postponing of events in motion, there are many things to know and consider when it comes to planning and hosting your wedding! We have a few vendor related tips that you can use to help plan a safe and fun event you feel confident and comfortable asking your friends and family to attend!

Venue | Venues are opening up across the country, and you are probably wondering what that means for your event in the face of restrictions and guidelines. We recommend that you reach out to your venue to get a better understanding of their particular COVID policy with regards to a number of topics:

1. Capacity and Diagrams - Depending on the city governance, capacity for events taking place is slowly increasing in venue spaces. Many cities have put forth a 10% - 50% capacity restriction. Many venues are asking there be 6 feet separation between each table, 2 feet separation between guests seated in chairs, and larger dance floors to offer ample social distancing space. Online resources such as www.socialtables.com provide diagram checks that follow distance standards for your events!

2. Health and Safety - During these times safety of the guests as well as the staff is of utmost importance. Many venues require masks for personnel, both masks and gloves for any kitchen staff handling food, hand sanitizer at entrances, exits, seated tables or food stations, and temperature checks for all staff entering the venue. For guests that are attending events some venues may require temperature checks, masks, and social distancing. For many of the large hotel brands, you can find their policies online. We have a few listed here: Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, IHG 3. Food and Beverage Service - Depending on your venue and desired catering needs, there are many regulations being put into effect. Some venues are not allowing outside catering to take place in their venues, and will only allow food served by their in-house catering team. Some will allow outside catering if the company adheres to strict food safety guidelines and insurance certificates. The service of the food also may be limited to plated meals or buffets with servers handling the food service to each plate. Disposable beverage cups may be required, and double bars and bartenders may also be required to encourage the social distancing of guests.

Images from: Shaadi Wish

DJ and Dancing | When it comes to the dance floor, you can get creative! You can always enlarge the dance floor and have multiple bar setups to account for social distancing guidelines. You can also get more creative and maybe switch over to another room entirely that is designed to be a lounge/bar and has larger space for people to hang out and dance with multiple bars around the space and socially distant lounge style seating!

Decor | You can work closely with the decorator and venue to get your decor and setups correct! Creating smaller tables that seat less people at the reception can help with social distancing. Additionally, there are many ways to change up your seating style by having low round 4 seater tables, larger 60” round 8 seater tables, and even an occasional square/rectangular 4-6 seater table. It allows you to have a mixture of seating around the room that makes your diagram seem like an intentional design decision. For the wedding ceremony, you can have chairs separated with more distance. Each seat can have a custom mask with your wedding monogram in your wedding colors and custom bottles of hand sanitizer to ensure guests are able to stay safe and feel comfortable at your event!

Image by: Jenny Collen

Photo/Video | Family photos and bridal party photos with masks could be a fun memory to have with your small group of loved ones. However, it’s also possible to plan for optional opt-in guest photos after the ceremony if you and your guests would like! With a larger stage, you can place tape on the areas for guests to stand so that there’s distance between the bride/groom and the family taking the photo to be able to cherish the memory without putting anyone in harm’s way. You can also have a simple photo backdrop that guests can take pictures in front of that will add in an image of the bride and the groom so you can have images of your guests individually from the wedding!

Images by: Paran Singh Photography

Baraat | There are a number of steps you can take to ensure a safe baraat! For the baraat route, you can work with the venue so that small groups of 5-10 can gather in spaces along the route. While the groom travels the baraat route, they can stop and dance at a socially acceptable distance with each small group of friends/family along the path.

Images by: Weddings by Knotty Days

Although there are many changes in the way you may have to plan your events, it doesn’t mean you won’t get to have the fun, loving, exciting wedding with your important family and friends gathered to watch your union. Your wedding plans don’t need to be halted, and of course where there’s a will there’s a way!

If you would like more assistance with planning your event, Dildiya Concierge can help with all your planning needs. Whether it’s at home over Zoom, in your backyard, or at a venue, we can guide you through the best process and help you create an experience you’ll always remember!

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