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Updated: Nov 29, 2020

We are so excited to announce that Nirali Shah, our co-founder and Dildiya Concierge planner was featured on Vogue.com! In October 2019, Nirali planned the beautiful LGBTQ multicultural wedding of Rishi Magia and Daniel Plaut at Carnegie Hall. Check out the couple’s beautiful love story and some tips from Nirali on how to plan a perfect multicultural fusion wedding!

Image by Joel and Justyna

"After 8 years of dating, buying an apartment, and adopting a dog, we were so excited to get married in the city where we've spent over a decade building our lives; both together, and as driven individuals. Our wedding was special for many reasons, but most importantly, because it was a marriage of two cultures and an opportunity for us as a gay couple to showcase our unique love to our fairly traditional families. We are so lucky and fortunate to have wonderfully supportive parents who helped make our big day a reality, and it was important for us to honor different traditions while staying modern and fresh. After welcome drinks the night before the wedding at one of our favorite bars in Brooklyn, we were thrilled to get ready with our wedding party the next morning - which included our closest friends from all walks of life - and kick things off taking pictures in Central Park, on the most beautiful, crisp fall day. Then it was off to our iconic venue, Carnegie Hall. Rishi is an amateur oboe player - having played for 20 years - and Dan is an avid supporter of his musical hobby and a classical music amateur enthusiast, so having the opportunity to get married in a New York City landmark was truly unbelievable. Against the backdrop of Carnegie's terrace, we wanted our Western ceremony (a first for Rishi's family to experience!) to be juxtaposed with outfits that reflected Indian culture (a first for Dan's family!). Hand-tailored, hand-embroidered couture sherwanis were created in India and flown across the world for the wedding, designed by us and executed by the incredibly talented seamstresses in the Magia's hometown. Following the emotional yet uplifting ceremony was a night of drinks, delicious Indian food, and dancing the night away with our 200 guests, who flew into New York from all around the world. It was a truly, truly magical day and we wouldn't have changed a thing." - Rishi and Dan

We sat down with our co-founder Nirali to get some tips on how to seamlessly incorporate different cultures and traditions into a wedding. “Incorporating different traditions into a wedding ceremony is a beautiful way to celebrate the couple’s individual backgrounds. Nonetheless, it can be a difficult process!” - Nirali Shah

Here are some of Nirali’s tips on creating a unique and seamless ceremony:

1) Discuss and prioritize important traditions | Customizing a wedding with a mix of cultural, religious, or personal traditions can help highlight the uniqueness of a relationship. Some examples of how to incorporate different traditions are:

  • Recite personal vows during the Hindu ceremony (pheras)

  • Have a religious prayer performed before the start of a civil ceremony

  • Host a baraat for the groom prior to the Nikkah

  • Have a mehndi before the Christian ceremony

  • Have a friend officiate your ceremony

Image by Joel and Justyna

2) Infuse the sights, sounds, and tastes of your cultures | Work closely with vendors to create a fusion experience within each aspect of your event:

  • Themed Event Decor | A Moroccan inspired rehearsal dinner or Carribean cocktail hour

  • Music and Entertainment | Dance teams to perform a salsa dance or bhangra dance and a mixture of music genres on the dance floor

  • Catering | Fusion menus or multiple cuisines

Image by: Mir Anwar Photography 3) Find ways to include family and friends in the new traditions | Although guests may not be familiar with the combination of traditions or events being hosted, this can be an opportunity to educate them by spotlighting unique traditions.

  • Custom Print | Ceremony programs on each chair describing the events and their significance

  • Dress Code | Highlight unique event dress codes and include information for where to purchase cultural or fusion clothing. A resource like Riya Collective to rent Indian clothes can help here.

Image by Joel and Justyna

We hope you enjoyed these tips from Nirali! If you want to learn more about how to plan a perfect multicultural or same-sex wedding, sign up for a Dildiya Concierge session to talk with one of our Dildiya Concierge planners and get started on planning your perfect day!

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