South Asian Destination Wedding FAQs Part 2

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Part 2 of the FAQs continues with pressing questions about $$, time, and vendors. Once you have some of the basic questions about logistics out of the way, then you can dive a little deeper and expect round two to be more detailed. You'll be really looking into finding experts who can help answer some of these questions, but here's a start!!

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Question 6: What will it cost?

That’s always the first question from parentals (at least from mine, and most other friends and couples I know). Although this question is VERY tough to answer, it always helps to create a base budget (families involved or not) to see which vendors might work for you. If you’re working with a wedding planner, that’s definitely an exercise they can walk you through as well. And no matter what anyone tells you—guest count DOES matter!!! Start with a number, work backwards to do the calculations, and adjust amounts you're willing to spend per vendor. Make sure you do this before you sign any vendors.

Question 7: How soon do we have to book?

9-12 months is a great time for booking a destination-wedding venue! Many all-inclusive destination venues have low-cost deposits to reserve the date and time of your wedding ceremony. It’s always beneficial to see and experience the property in person before fully committing to a place. Putting down a deposit can buy you some time to visit the venue and make sure it fits your needs.

Question 8: How does the deposit work?

Deposits vary for hotel rooms vs. venue spaces. Working with a travel agent to understand what room deposits will look like is very important. They will walk you through the deposit and payment structure. A deposit for a venue space can be anywhere between $250 - $1000 so it’s important to talk to your travel agent about each individual venue to know what the deposit will be.

Question 9: Can we bring our own priest? What about other vendors?

Many all-inclusive properties have preferred vendors. Many venues allow you to bring vendors that are not on their "in-house vendors" list but may require an additional fee of $500-$1000 per vendor. You should talk to your vendors to see if you need to book their room at the venue - the venue may not charge a fee if the vendors are staying on property. Talk to your venue planner or travel agent to discuss the specifics on that.

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Question 10: Local Vendors vs. Out-of-Town Vendors

The question of using local vendors vs. bringing in vendors from another city, state, or country is common when doing a destination wedding. The trick is to stick to your budget, and never compromise on quality of service. You can save on flights and accommodation costs if you use local vendors. However, always do your research to compare local and out-of-town vendors to understand cost differences. I recommend looking into three options per vendor category if it's a local wedding. For destination weddings, I recommend looking into five vendors because you have the option of selecting from anywhere in the hemisphere! You can also get vendor recommendations from your venue or planner. I recommend being vocal about your budget from the beginning, so that the vendors can tell you if it's something they're able to work with or not.

There you have it. The top 10 FAQs for South Asian Destination Weddings! Although these questions may seem daunting, you’re now well on your way to being able to experience the vacation wedding of your dreams!

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