Last Minute Holiday (or not) Gift Guide for Engaged Couples!

The holiday season (masked as engagement season) is upon us! With all the magic and love in the air, there’s bound to be a few (dozen) friends getting engaged this season, and we are here to help you find the BEST gifts for your engaged couple friends going into 2021, the year of everyone’s wedding (or postponed wedding). Check out our top 10 list for some gifts that your engaged friends will love you for getting them, doubled as a holiday gift!

10) Custom Ring Tray

Everyone loves a useful gift to help cherish the ring they’ve just been given that they never want to take off, but have to sometimes. Getting a custom ring tray that can be used by both partners after they tie the knot is a great and useful gift for the soon-to-be married couple! A useful gift that will remind them of you and their wedding!

9) Couple’s Game Night Gift

A bottle of wine (or two) and a fun card game to engage in meaningful conversation with your boo or spice it up with some fun! Covid safe, and a great way to spend some quality time with their partner, all while connecting even deeper.

8) Candles

Gift them a scent to remind them of home or a place that’s special to them! Perfect for a couple that couldn’t make it home this holiday season!

7) An Online Experience

Weekends from home with a fun activity like a cooking class, art class, mixology class, or dance class can be a fun bonding experience or weeknight date. They can try something new together from the safety of their home!

6) A Custom Ornament

To commemorate their engagement and remind them of their special day for years to come. It can be customized as a photo from the proposal, or their engraved initials and date. Either way, it’ll be a memorable memento they’ll always cherish, and think of you when they see it!

5) A Custom Cutting/Charcuterie Board

A new edition to their kitchen to celebrate new beginnings and cooking together! This can be a great housewarming gift too if you know the couple will be getting a home to share soon!

4) A Digital Portrait

An artistic new way to keep their portraits on the walls in their home forever. You can customize multiple digital images from photographs of their relationship culminating in the proposal, or have one with their date at the bottom, and framed for them to hang in their home.

3) Skincare!

Because who doesn’t love an at home spa day with their bae? Robes, slippers, a bubble bath, massages, and AAVRANI. The perfect mix of at home luxury and relaxation. A self care gift for the couple to pamper themselves between the stress of wedding planning so they’re glowing in time for their big day!

2) Chai Gift Set

You know us desis love our chai! This is a perfect gift for the couple to wind down and keep warm during the holidays! Also, you know the in-laws will be happy there’s some fresh chai when they show up to the house for wedding planning!

1) Dildiya Gifts!

Give the gift of Dildiya with any option below, or a bundle of all three!

  • Dildiya Vendor Guide (only $99) will give them the gift of knowledge. A 150 page comprehensive guide to booking wedding vendors with years worth of industry knowledge from experienced professionals and DIY wedding couples. They’ll never forget this thoughtful gift that made their wedding planning process easier and less stressful.

  • A Dildiya Concierge Session (only $75) will give them the gift of relief! The couple can speak to a Dildiya Concierge Planner and use their one hour session for advice, contract review and negotiation tactics, budgeting, or to ask any questions they have. It’s the perfect gift for a DIY couple who could use a little guidance in their wedding planning process!

  • Dildiya Workbook (only $50) will give them the gift of organization. A document with 22 individual tabs that help them keep organized on every aspect of wedding planning - budgeting, timelines, vendor/venue search, and so much more! It’ll be the best gift they receive...guaranteed. You might even get a plus one for the wedding!

There you have it! A great list of last minute gifts this holiday (engagement) season for your beloved soon-to-be-married friends! You may want to keep it handy for the rest of the year too...because the gift of Dildiya can be gifted ALL year round!

Happy Holidays and Happy Gifting! <3

You have our hearts,

Team Dildiya

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