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Updated: Nov 29, 2020

The current situation with COVID-19 has caused a halt in all the celebrations that people have been planning, but with new executive orders being signed by authorities allowing digital video conference weddings, there is hope for those looking to still tie the knot! Whether you're postponing the event and still want to celebrate, or are doing a virtual event to get married, couples are making the most of the situation and moving forward with their plans!

So how do you plan a virtual event or create a socially distant, responsible way to celebrate a wedding and still make it special? We have outlined some ways to do just that with a little help from the internet, some creative brainstorming, and some personal touches so that you can still have an amazing event amidst the shelter in place orders!


Be a Good (Virtual) Wedding Guest | With couples deciding to get married through the quarantine, here are a few ways to make their day a little more special with your thoughts and presence.

  • Attend the Live Stream the Event | Whether it’s a court marriage, online ceremony, or a symbolic ceremony at home, attending the live stream that the couple may choose to set up for their friends and family would be a great way to show how much you care. It gives their guests a chance to watch them get married, be a part of their special moment, and receive their blessings. Zoom, Facebook Live, or Youtube Live are some of the easy options couples are choosing to do their live streams.

  • Create a Video Homage for the Couple | With the help of all the couple’s friends and family, send a video to shower the couple with love and blessings and make them feel extra special. They can watch it after their ceremony or during the virtual celebration, and it would serve as a special keepsake for years to come!

  • Stage a Drive-by Event | Set up a drive-by parade with balloons, signs, streamers, confetti, bells, and horns to show the couple your love and distantly give them blessings and good wishes. Make sure you have someone recording the whole event because the couple will probably want to go back and replay the scene over and over again.

  • Send the Couple Gifts | Have a full day of scheduled gifts delivered to the couple. You can send them a live musician who can play their first dance song outside of their home (socially distant, of course), deliver a small cake that symbolizes their wedding cake to cut over the virtual meet up, or deliver a bottle of champagne and flutes for them to toast! The opportunities are truly endless so feel free to get extra creative with this one.


A Virtual Party - With a Personal Touch | Virtual hangouts and parties with small groups of friends and family are a great way to celebrate the couple if they've decided to have their wedding in a simple online, home, or court ceremony. Here are a few ways to spice up the usual virtual meet-ups to make it feel like a real celebration with the presence of loved ones:

  • Create a Host Link | Create a link for your virtual event using Zoom, Cisco WebEx, Google Hangouts, or your preferred platform. Make sure to research the platforms to pick one that suits your event needs best. We have a few listed below to narrow down your search.

- Zoom has a free account that hosts up to 100 participants with unlimited meetings but each meeting is capped at 40 minutes

- Cisco WebEx has a free account that hosts up to 100 participants with unlimited meetings and has an unlimited meeting time

- Google Hangouts has a free account that hosts up to 10 participants with unlimited meetings and has an unlimited meeting time

  • Create Invitations | “Invite” a list of close family and friends (immediate family, bridal party, close extended family). You can make it a more formal event by sending out invitations through sites like Evite and Paperless Post with the date, time, and the virtual event link. Include information on how to download and access the platform you’re using in case your guests do not know how to use it.

  • Have an Itinerary | Make it a full-fledged event with some fun things to do during the call like playing the shoe game, custom bingo, wedding shower style games, or just fun group games that can be played virtually!

Champagne Delivery for Guests

  • Deliver Gifts | Send all the guests a small gift so everyone can share the excitement of a joint activity during the virtual event.For example, you could send guests a mini champagne bottle for a virtual toast, a small gift bag with drink kits/pre-made cocktails to booze the night away, or a personalized treat from make your life sweeter or cupcakes from a bakery that delivers! If someone is planning the virtual event as a surprise or on behalf of the couple, be sure to send a bottle of champagne, a big cake from a local bakery, or a “full bar” to the bride and groom so they can enjoy the gathering and share some laughs and warm moments with their guests.

  • Make it a DANCE PARTY | Get everyone up and dancing and having a great time by hosting a dance party with a virtual DJ spinning the beats for everyone to enjoy in their own homes! You can have a local DJ do a live instagram or facebook DJ set for all of your guests to join in and party with the couple!

We hope you enjoyed all the ways to make your wedding events special through this time. And we hope you are able to celebrate your love or the love of your family and friends for their unions even through this lockdown. Although these ideas are designed for weddings and couples, many of them can be applied to other events such as birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, baby showers, graduations, and more! With this kick start, get your ideas are flowing, and find ways to keep your many celebrations going! BE BOLD, BE CREATIVE, AND CELEBRATE!!!

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