Do you need a Travel Agent?

As we start welcoming back travel into our lives, destination weddings are back on everyone’s minds! Either you’re considering one, planning for one, or attending one (or 5) this year.

The first question when planning a destination wedding is always, where do I even start? There are budget questions, guest count questions, destination considerations, etc. The answer to these questions come as you gather intel, and your secret source for this intel is...a travel agent or travel planner!

You can define their responsibilities as two-fold: (1) assisting you with finding and booking a venue based on your budget considerations and (2) handling all your and your guests’ travel and accommodation needs for the wedding weekend. They are also very helpful in shortlisting countries and properties to consider based on your budget, guest count, wedding style, and so much more! They’re your voice to the management of the prospective properties, and work to advocate for your needs when it comes to rooms and transport.

Below are a few roles your travel agent can play for you and why you should have one when planning your destination wedding!

Venue Finder | Finding a venue that fits your guest count, dates, and budget is the first part of the planning process when it comes to destination weddings. This entails finding a venue that checks the guest count box first, then your dates and budget for the desired guest count. Room rates and overall wedding budget also come into play at this point. Whether you’re looking at an all-inclusive property that does rates per person per day, or a property that does room rates based solely on room nights, an agent can help get you the information such as room types, categories, availability, and pricing.

Perk Negotiator | Your travel agent can also work with you in negotiating perks you receive for your wedding based on the revenue you’ll be bringing in. They may be able to secure reduced rates, complimentary rooms/upgrades, etc. Travel agents usually have a good rapport with venues and can generally assist with additional amenities you may not even know about!

Room Reserver | Travel agents will work with you to reserve the room categories you desire and determine what perks you will receive for booking a particular number of rooms. Additionally, they will explain what the deposit process is including deadlines for booking and cancelling rooms.

Guest Concierge | The travel agent’s role does not end after the venue is booked and rooms are reserved. After reserving room blocks and walking through your contract, perks, deadlines, and deposits, they will begin working with your guests directly! They will gather guest information to book their rooms, book their flights (bulk reservations, too), and communicate with them about roundtrip transportation arrangements between the airport and the hotel. They also send them their booking confirmations and provide instructions on navigating through them.

The travel agent plays an integral role in the destination wedding planning process. They have a full-time responsibility to ensure that your guests’ experience begins and ends positively with everything from their travel to their hotel stay!

We recommend reaching out to a travel agent that you have worked with in the past; however, you can also search for a South Asian wedding-experienced travel agent via the Dildiya Vendor Collection!

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