2019 Wedding Trends

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Last year was a year of star studded South Asian weddings! Looking back at all the glitz, glamour, and designer outfits, we can’t WAIT to see what this year has in store! Here we are, 2019! What do you have up your Sabyasachi long sleeves?

Photo Cred: Mark Swaroop

With all the Bollywood celebrity and fusion Indian weddings coming out of 2018, we have high hopes to see the fashion and style trends for the upcoming year!

Vintage Fine Jewelry

Over the past few years, we have been seeing traditional jewelry styles being reincorporated (for brides and grooms) into the attire for weddings. Seeing celebrities incorporate heritage jewels to complete their wedding looks was definitely something we saw more of this past year. Sabyasachi created a fine and heritage jewelry line to bring back a touch of old India. We saw that many of the wedding looks he designed had stone embellishments from head-to-toe last year, and we will be seeing more of that in 2019!

Traditional Reds

As much of a trend as the light and airy pastels were, the bold and beautiful reds are making a comeback! We saw many traditional yet modern looks with this beautiful red in bridal fashion last year. This year, we might just see more of that! Priyanka Chopra’s lustrous deep red wedding lehenga was an ode to tradition, in a modern way. Sonam Kapoor’s red and gold lehenga was a traditional bold red, as was Deepika Padukone’s wedding outfit. I can confidently say, I am sure we will be seeing lots of red in 2019!

Photo Cred: Anand Rathi Photo Cred: Joseph Radhik Photo Cred: Mark Swaroop

Destination Weddings

These have become a trend for Bollywood weddings, but also in Western culture. With the growing ability to find South Asian wedding vendors in any corner of the world, many couples are opting for scenic destination locations outside of their hometown. If you’re getting married in the next year, this might be an idea to consider for yourself!

Traditional Stationery With a Modern Twist!

Lots of wedding stationery and invitations are coming out with hints of traditional Indian colors and prints and chic packaging. There are many companies creating options for invitations that combine the elements of traditional Indian invitations with symbols of the culture—lotus floral, marigolds, paisleys, elephants, bold colors, etc. We foresee much more of this fusion of designs in stationery this year!

Mix and Match Attire for Wedding Parties

Styling wedding parties has become just as important as styling the couple and their families. I’m excited to see trends that take styling more seriously! Menswear includes mixtures of dhotis, traditional kurtas, vests, and shoes. Bridesmaid’s outfits have have similar color schemes with varying outfits or varying colors with similar styles. There’s a method to the madness, and boy does it look good!

2019, we are ready to see what you have for us, let the style Gods guide the way!

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