W E.  A R E.  T E A M              

Dildiya was founded by three individuals that bring a unique skill set to the table. Nirali, Kishan, and Ishwarya have all gone through the South Asian wedding planning process in some form or another and realized that there were major gaps in the resources available for the industry. See below for more details on our team, and if you're interested in joining, please email info@dildiya.com.

Nirali S.

The Wedding Planning Expert

Nirali has over 10 years of experience in the wedding planning industry. She's planned and executed weddings all over the world and trains hotel brands on selling and servicing South Asian weddings. 

Kishan B.

The Business Strategist

Kishan comes from a technology strategy background with a focus on advising C-Suites in the areas of technology, operations, and product development. His 8 years of expertise are in the area of wireless/cable communications.

Ishwarya V.

The Social Developer

Ishwarya comes from a tech industry background, with a specialization in product engineering and management. She has supported multiple Silicon Valley social tech giants in her 8 years of experience. 

2020 Dildiya Interns

Areesha M.

NW University

Content Strategist

Lasya D.

University of Houston

Marketing Intern

Geethika B.

Boston University

Product Marketing Manager

Saanika P.

Collin College

Marketing Intern

Neha D.

UT Dallas

Product Marketing Manager

Manasa Velamuri

UT Dallas

Marketing Intern