In Hindi, dil means heart and diya means to have given. Dildiya encompasses these meanings to symbolize couples taking the next step in their journey. Coincidentally, the name dil-DIY-a pays true homage to the do-it-yourself attitude that many of our couples come to us with.

Get a luxury experience without paying a luxury price

Concierge Desk


A platform to connect couples looking for wedding planning assistance at an affordable, hourly rate with experienced wedding planners in the industry for immediate access to their services. 

Ask questions such as “how do I build a timeline? or “how do I navigate my venue contracts?” to receive ad-hoc support at any stage of the planning process.


An exhaustive list of wedding vendors in the South Asian wedding industry for couples.

Save time and effort with your vendor search by having the company description, relevant contact information, access to the company’s website and/or social media profiles, and more in one location

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