In Hindi, dil means heart and diya means to have given. Dildiya encompasses these meanings to symbolize couples taking the next step in their journey. Coincidentally, the name dil-DIY-a pays true homage to the do-it-yourself attitude that many of our couples come to us with.

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Comprehensive guide for hiring any wedding vendor. Find out everything you need to know and consider before and after hiring your vendors (only $99).

All-in-one wedding planning resource that will allow you to manage your budget, comprehensive wedding checklist, event timelines, vendor comparisons, guest lists and much much more ($50).



An exhaustive list of 1000+ wedding vendors in the South Asian wedding industry for couples.

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Concierge Desk


A platform to connect couples looking for wedding planning assistance at an affordable, hourly rate ($75 an hour) with experienced wedding planners in the industry for immediate access to their services.